Jaroslav Seifert - Poetry

The poetry of Jaroslav Seifert is considered one of the most beautiful achievements of Czech literature. While his early poetry reflected a proletarian fighting spirit, the poet`s later works were a poetic expression of his enchantment with modern civilization. More lyrical elements were evident in his later song-like poems reflecting his emotional relation towards the small gifts of life, his homeland and national culture. In the 1960s Seifert`s poetry changed profoundly - rhymes disappeared and his verse became rougher, with tones of melancholic nostalgia. The poet focused on such themes as life stock-taking, the passing of time and the motif of death as well as the recollections of childhood days, early loves, deceased friends and dramatic events in his life. In 1984 he became the first Czech to win the Nobel Prize for literature. There is a permanent display in Kralupy nad Vltavou, where young Seifert would stay with his grandparents and, later on, come for visits and where he was eventually buried, that recalls this author of numerous collections, including An Apple from the Lap and All the Beauties of the World.


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